La app para móviles para pedir un taxi desde cuqluier lugar


IbTaxi is a mobile app that allows you to call a taxi with one click. You have access to every taxi driver of the area that has a license verified by IbTaxi, in order that the nearest taxi picks you up and drive you to your destination.
The communication between the taxi driver and the passenger is direct. Not only they can see each other location, they can contact by ordinary phone call in case of doubts or trip specifications.

  • Only taxi drives with verified license can take your call.
  • The taxi call is completelly free.
  • The taxi that is assigned to you is the nearest one.
  • Persistant search of taxis in difficult areas.
  • You can know at every moment where the taxi on the way is located.

If you are in a difficult area without taxi stops, dont’t worry!, our system is going to search the nearest free taxi.

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