La app para móviles para pedir un taxi desde cuqluier lugar

Discover the smartest app to call a taxi with your mobile phone. Simple, fast, easy, free!. Only taxis with verified license.

You only have to click one call button, and the nearest taxi driver is going to pick you up.
Your location will be automatically detected and you will be able to change it manually, if you want more precision.
You can see the details of the taxi that has been assigned, without any previous search, and the approximate time to arrive.
The taxi position will be seen on the map all the time. You will be able to confirm the arrival.

Easy and simple

With just one click, you can call a taxi with your app, anywhere, in a simple and easy way.


No registration

You don't need to register neither to introduce your personal details. Your telephone number is enough.


Authorized taxis

Only taxi drivers of the area, with verified license to drive a taxi, are using our app!


Completelly free!

There is no charge when you download the app, neither when you call the taxi!